Insolvency proceedings automation


Solvbot accelerates bankruptcy proceedings.  It speeds up work by automating repetitive tasks.


It makes sure you never miss a deadline. Solvbot assigns cases to individuals, and reminds about due dates.


The tool protects your files against unauthorized access or loss in case of computer virus or fire.


It lets you access your files from any place at any time. You can check case’s progress in just a few clicks.


It automatically summarizes all updates in a proceeding, processes bank statements, and generates the accounting reports.

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Solvbot for the Bankruptcy Trustee’s office


Solvbot increases productivity of your office by automating repetitive tasks such as: indexing of documents, keeping track of deadlines, mering of mail, and verifying of data. 

Automation decreases the chance for human error and maintains high-quality standards. Your employees are free from the burden of mundane tasks and can focus on important and creative tasks.





Solvbot allows you to monitor progress and supervise all cases in your office. With transparency and visibility it’s easy to spot overdue tasks, cases stuck in a process or the ones with tasks close to due date.


Using Machine Learning (AI) algorithms, Solvbot suggests when to start working on a document, and what delivery times you can expect.


It also allows you to assign cases to your team members – it will remind them to start a case early enough to have it completed on time.


Solvbot automatically summarizes all changes and prepares paperwork needed for a spotless Court Report.

Bank statements are processed, summarized and prepared for the Budget Report.

Automatic accuracy assessment algorithms verify your data and thus remove manual correction.


Your data is secure against digital attacks, hackers, as well as unfortunate events such as fire, flood or burglary.

Access control allows you to set up restrictions on employees’ access to cases. You can grant and revoke priviliges instantly.

We use 256-bit encryption methods, SSL certificate and proven data management systems. Solvbot can be hosted on your company’s servers or in the cloud.


Solvbot is your 24/7 workhorse. (It never sleeps, it does not get tired nor goes on a sick leave). It lets you instantly access any case, document or communication item ever stored in the system. Admin panel contains all tools needed to coordinate and manage your team.

You can search for text on any scanned documents and photos – Solvbot uses advanced optical character recognition module combined with Machine Learning capabilities.

Each proceeding has a separate communication panel for the parties involved. Creditors have an on-going access to case progress. This limits the number of phone calls from the creditors, freeing up time of your team members.

Solvbot for the Insolvent

Learn more about the insolvency

If your Insolvency Practitioner uses Solvbot to process your case, you will get an Education Package from us. We will explain the whole process, your rights and obligations, and show you what you can do to speed up the process.

We will provide online courses and offline reading materials –  a “Healthy Finance” training has been prepared for you. We want to make sure that insolvency is once-in-a-lifetime event.

Direct access to your case

Your Practitioner can give you access to an Internet Client Panel in Solvbot, where you can track progress of your case. You can easily check the status, see the flow of documents, and get in touch with your Practitioner’s office.

Considering declaring bankruptcy?

Insolvency is a way out from financial trouble. You want to commence the insolvency process but don’t know where to start?

Our system was built by experts in insolvency law. It optimizes the process for cost and time. Our trusted advisors can assist you along the way, from the initial form signup to acting as your Power of Attorney.

Leave us your contact details and we will call you in a time that is most suitable for you.

The Solvbot team

Piotr Sarecki

Expert in transformation and change processes with over 13 years experience in managing multinational corporation branches in Poland. Owner of Trisar – a consultancy company, university lecturer, CEO of EduTribe NGO and avid traveller.

Szymon Sobczak

Builds software that accelerates people’s work. Systems Architect for Big Data applications with over 10 years of commercial experience in programming. Codes, creates Machine Learning algorithms and photographs landscapes.

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